Thamvos Laundry Gel

Fabric Wash - King of Laundry

Thamvos Fabric Washing Gel

Thamvos Fabric Washing Gel remove stains first time, even on a cold and quick wash cycle.

Thamvos Fabric Washing Gel is made with 100% biodegradable ingredients, break down naturally into things like water and salts, can easily be absorbed right back into the earth’s natural cycles without doing any harm.

  • We make sure our foaming agents (surfactant) are biodegradable too and rinsing easily with less amount of water.
  • We use Soil Release Polymers (SRP) in our products to stop washed-off dirt sticking to other clothes in the wash.
  • We fortified the product with optical brightener so your clothes are left sparkling.
  • Our use of Enzymes can not be over emphasised – not just because they are effective in tackling dirts at low temperatures. The enzymes we use contain plant-based biodegradable stain removers, because they work at the lowest of temperatures, our products help our customers get the best of its worth in washing cycles commercially and at home.
  • Our unique fragrance in our products is still as important as ever as its washing power leaving your clothes with an ever smell of freshness.

Thamvos Fabric Washing Gel, your authentic luxury fabric washing gel! Also available in fine powder detergent.

Thamvos Kitchen Gel

Kitchen Wash - Queen of Kitchen

Thamvos Kitchen Wash Gel

Thamvos Kitchen Wash is an Anti Pathogenic dish washing gel for hand and machine use.

  • It kills 99.99% of germs.
  • The soaponification technology behind this product is of ancient Greek origin with a triple cutting power against Carbon, grease and oil.
  • It has high foaming capability but rinses easily with less amount of water.
  • Thamvos Kitchen Wash is produced from foundation with high viscosity without CMC thickener.
  • Add three measures of clean water to a measure of Thamvos Kitchen Wash and wash your dishes for optimum results that leave your wares crispy, sparkling and shiny.

Thamvos Kitchen Washing Gel; your authentic luxury dish washing formula!